Software Remediation

Is Your Reality Matching Your Software Dream?

You made the decision. You budgeted and acquired the capital, carefully selected vendors, you started development. You thought you were on the road to deliver your company a valuable software application, a transforming application, one that the company was counting on to deliver real results and solve a critical business need.  Maybe you are getting ready to roll out a new software product to your customers.

Then something went wrong. It might have been problems with the vendor, or maybe the technology, perhaps just changes in company expectations. But months after it started, the project still isn’t finished or what was delivered falls short of its expectations. Now your company faces a challenge. Do you keep trying to complete the project? Do you find a new vendor? Do you kill it and chalk it up to experience that you’ll never do that again? Or do you just accept mediocrity and limp along, making do with ineffective or broken software because there isn’t the budget or the will to start over from scratch?

All is not lost. You don’t need to start over. Your failed or failing software project can be saved.

Software Remediation Services

Decision Design is widely recognized as a pioneer in Software and Systems Remediation Services: an important segment of the software development industry focused on salvaging incomplete or under-performing software systems. Decision Design was founded 20 years ago for this very purpose, to help companies leverage their significant technology investments and finish or correct incomplete or under-performing software projects.

Since 1995, Decision Design has been successful in remediating a broad range of automation problems in such industry segments as manufacturing, finance, human resources, sales and marketing, engineering, and science to name a few. We also focus on remediating stand-alone software products that have serious customer acceptance or sales and delivery problems. To this end we have developed a comprehensive remediation methodology that focuses our specialty services on analyzing and correcting technology, business process, or project management problems.

In other words, if it’s broken, we know how to fix it.