Leader Agreement

Leader Agreement

Unit Leaders have a unique and important responsibility in any scouting unit. The Unit Leader is the authorized person responsible for all activities, conduct, and operations of the Unit. This goes for the management and content of a scout web site as well.

Decision Design has agreed to support Scouting by offering free web site software, but this offer depends on a mutual agreement between the authorized Unit Leader and Decision Design. This agreement is simple, but we believe it is important to ensure that both the Leader and Decision Design are clear who is responsible for what.

  1. Only authorized Unit Leaders are permitted to agree to these rules.
  2. Unit Leaders at all times are responsible for the management and content of the site. Leaders are responsible for making sure their Unit is in compliance with the Terms of Use. Unit Leaders may delegate tasks to others for maintenance and editing, but the Leader is still responsible for whatever is loaded onto the site.
  3. Decision Design is not responsible for any content placed on the site.
  4. The Unit Leader must designate a single person in the Unit as Webmaster. The Webmaster will be the single point of contact with Decision Design for support and information. Decision Design must have both the Webmaster’s and the Unit Leader’s updated contact information.

The Leaders Agreement form can be viewed and printed here. Please print the agreement, sign it, and return it to Decision Design via email or mail.

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