Scout Site Introduction

Scout Site Introduction

Welcome to the Decision Design Scout Site home page, a great resource to help you learn about the Decision Design Scout Site software, how it works, and whether it might work for you.

Decision Design developed the Scout Site system from the ground up as a tool for scouting units to create and manage their own web sites. The idea was to create a more professional look than is typically found in the scouting community, but with a way for scout leaders and their scouts to create and edit their unit’s information without having to learn programming.

From this page you can find other resources on our web site, just look to the left at the several choices that should give you information to help learn about the software, answer questions you might have, and see us build a community of scouting.

Getting Started

There are a few things you need to know and do to get started.

  1. View the Scout Site Software in Use – Below are a few scout sites that are in use for you to see.

    Each of these sites was created using the software’s web-based editing tool that lets the Editor change pages, pictures, and text. Each Leader will be responsible for creating and editing their site with the editing tool. We think it is fairly intuitive to use, no programming skills needed, only basic knowledge on using a web browser.

    Right now it comes with a set of standard pages: Main, Calendar, Forms, Photos, Useful Links and Contacts, all of which are editable.

  2. Try Out the Software as an Editor – We have 2 demonstration sites setup, a kind of playground that you can try out how the software might work for you. These 2 sites will show you how they would look to a unit Webmaster as an editor. We have a Cub Scout version and a Boy Scout version you can look at:

    These sites are the exact software, but set up as fictitious units. You are entering the software as an Editor, that is, you will see how it looks and operates as someone who will create and edit content. Go ahead and enter and change what you see there, it is there for you to try things out.

    First you must login. You will see a small icon in the upper right corner of the page, click on the icon. Don’t click on the Admin button, that’s for Administrator purposes only. You will then be prompted to enter a password. The password is “edit“, lower case, no quotes.

    Once logged in you will see red borders around the content areas that can be changed. Click on the Change or Delete buttons to make changes. You will find Change and Delete buttons all around the site, at least for the areas you are allowed to change.

    Note that the site is being shared by many people, maybe at the same time you are, so don’t panic if something changes from time to time.

  3. Review our Terms for Use Policy – This is our way of explaining that the site displays information to the public, that it is for kids, and that we need to ensure that certain protections and guidelines are followed.
  4. Leader Agreement – The software is for bonafide scouting organizations. We require a site leader to agree with some basic terms, that the use of the site is for Leaders and people they assign, that the Leader is responsible for all content on the site, that Decision Design is not responsible for the content on the site, and that the Leader will follow the rules and guidelines. The Leader needs to print out the agreement, fill out the contact info, and mail or fax back to Decision Design.

Setting Up the Site

Once you get your agreement to us, we’ll work with you to setup your site. It is quick. We’ll need certain information from the Agreement (Unit, Leader Name, Address, email address, Webmaster Name, email, Unit, and Domain Name. We’ll then give you some passwords, instructions, and a support contact here.

Once You Are Up and Running

When the site is up and running, we will provide support via email to our Product Manager. We will also send out information on the site, tips, changes, and anything else that might be helpful to you.