Scout Site Answers to Common Questions

Scout Site FAQ's!

For those of you looking for some information about the new Scout Site software and how you might use it, we have created some answers to common questions below. Hope this helps!

  1. How do I get access to some of your sample sites?
    We have several scouting units using the software. Look at these 3 examples as a good guide for how a scout site might look. Two are Cub Scout Packs and the other is a Boy Scout Troop.

  2. What does it take to setup a new site?
    There are 3 steps in getting a new site up and running.

    1. An authorized unit leader must agree to our Leader Agreement and Rules of Use. This just ensures that authorized scout leaders, not Decision Design, are responsible for the unit’s content put on the site. (Leader Agreement form available here.)
    2. We need to setup our database with your unit’s type (Boy Scout, Cub Scout, etc.) Unit number, your town/state, and a few other things we do on our end.
    3. You need to add content to your site.
  3. How do I register a domain name? Where do I get one?
    In order to use the site, you must have an address that points to our Scout Site server. If you already have a registered domain name (e.g.,,, etc.), it needs to point to our server ( If you don’t yet have a domain name, you will need to get one. To register for a domain name, go to,, or any other domain registrar you prefer. It is usually around $10-$15/year to register a name. Finally, you need to tell us your domain name. If all of this sounds too technical for you, hopefully someone in your unit can help.
  4. Who can I contact if there are problems?
    You need to assign a single person in your unit who will be our point of contact. This person can then contact us via email at One way you might do this is to have someone designated by your unit leader as “webmaster” or something like that. Then that person is the liason with us if problems arise.
  5. Are there any Users Guides or Help Documents available?
    Yes, we can send you a PDF Guide that will help you administer your site.
  6. Can we host the software ourselves?
    No.  We have built the system to be hosted and managed on our own equipment, by our software people.