Scout Site Software

A Letter to Our Scouting Community!

A few years ago Decision Design started noticing a trend among its employees that were scouting parents – any time the mention of Scouts and websites came up there was a collective groan. Some parents had sites that were maintenance headaches. My son’s Pack didn’t have a site at all and was trying to figure out how to get one built.

Decision Design is a software company, in business for the past 20 years. Much of our work is in web-based software development. As one of our Scout dads began to update his Boy Scout unit’s site, we had an “Ah-Ha” moment. We could put some of our resources to work building a user-friendly website template that all of our employees could use for their units. We considered it a great way to give back to our communities.

Now, if you know anything about software developers, you know that nothing can ever be done “little”. Before we knew it, our pet “Scout Project” was a full fledged software product, easy to set up for any unit and user friendly enough that anyone could add content. When we debuted it to the scout parents of our employees, they loved it.

At that point, we saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. We could expose potential clients to our company’s capabilities while supporting the Scouts by taking our offer nationally. After all, what a great way to showcase what we do best (building software) by supporting a cause we are passionate about (scouting).

So we finished a prototype, set up the hosting on our own equipment, and voila, we were ready to go. Since we issued the Press Release (you can read it to the left) we have seen an amazing amount of interest from around the country. We now host over 500 sites now, all using the same ScoutSite system. And the best part? The software and hosting is totally free of charge to any scout unit in need.

All we ask for in return is that you recommend Decision Design if you know anyone in need of custom software. You can learn more about us by looking around our website.

Yours in Scouting,

Monty Davis
President, Decision Design Corporation