Our Experience

Working with Decision Design can be a new and refreshing experience. We’re a company that…

  • questions the conventional way of doing things
  • breaks down barriers to getting the job done
  • seeks out creative and better ways of helping our clients
  • is quick to care about the people around us
  • holds itself to the highest standards of conduct and integrity
  • strives to keep learning, growing, and creating

In 20 years of building software, with these qualities firmly in place, we have established a large portfolio of products and systems in a variety of industries.

Our project portfolio includes many technologies, industries, and topologies. We have built systems in manufacturing, human resources, finance, entertainment, telecom, consumer products, sales & marketing, and science and engineering.

We have worked with all sizes of companies, from small startups to the Fortune 1000. We have taken on projects big and broad; complex and challenging. We have created simple web sites and complex internet transaction systems.

With our extensive experience in a variety of development projects, we have found our clients and partners have one thing in common – they’ve all made the critical decision to work differently, to reach for excellence; to work with Decision Design.