Why We're Different

Our Critical Decisions, Delivered philosophy acknowledges that the decision for excellence should be made at every moment, in every transaction, by every company, every day. It is about envisioning new ways to help companies transform their business, but then actually delivering the tools that meet that vision. It is about Delivery, not Methodology.

It is about continuously challenging ourselves to improve the way we do business in order to support our clients’ needs. When we started in 1995, it was our decision to provide our clients with fanatical client service and outstanding product quality. We fully understand that this is an uncommon objective for a twenty-first century business to have. Then again, it’s a decision that led to our success.

How We Work

To support that decision, we approach custom software development in a more client centered way than the more common mechanical development process found in other companies. In doing so, we find that our projects finish faster and continually exceed our clients’ expectations. We find that our delivered systems meet their vision, unlike the majority of underperforming systems churned out by others. Learn more about our Client Service Methodology.

We Won't Stop

At Decision Design, we understand that delivering completed software is only part of the job. Post-delivery support of applications is just as important to the overall success of our clients’ projects as the high-quality code we deliver. Unlike many other outsourced vendors, we don’t stop when the coding is done.

In fact, we have developed specialized software tools to aid you in all your support needs. Our DecisionTrak task tracking application provides incident reporting and status feedback via auto emails, giving our clients rapid response to problems or system enhancements. Our DecisionAlert system allows Project Managers to provide notifications and alerts by email to groups of users of our systems, giving them tips, maintenance information, and training. Our DecisionIM application is a custom built instant messaging system that can be embedded into our deployed software giving your users the incredibly fast access to technical and process information, all logged in a database for historical analysis. Finally, we developed our custom Display System that provides real time metrics for system functions such as response time, errors, performance, user logins, and many other metrics that give our techinical people immediate knowledge of the health of the systems we maintain.

And when you need enhancements to your system, we are right there, ready to quickly update your system to provide you a living, growing system that can adapt to your changing business needs.