About Us

Welcome to Decision Design!

Decision Design was founded 24 years ago to provide custom software product development in the areas of New Product Development, Software Systems and Remediation Services.

Since 1995 our unique approach to building software has enabled our clients to automate new business processes, offer new products to their customers, and improve their internal operations.

We have built products and systems for inventory management, performance assessment, product configurators, process controls, factory automation, law firm matter management, engineering and product management, and many others.

We are expert in .NET and J2EE, SQL Server and Oracle, web-based and client-server, C++ and VB, iPhone and Android.

We developed and maintain the popular DocketTrak legal docketing system along with other subscription based products.

We are fast, responsive, and entirely devoted to our clients. We have built applications for 20,000 users and applications used by just a few.

We have 2 offices, 1 near Chicago and 1 near San Francisco, and no offshore locations whatsoever.

Our Vision

Like all companies, when we first started out we had to decide what kind of company we wanted to be.  Our vision is clearer and more true today than ever. Yet a vision by itself is only a start. Exceptional results require exceptional planning and execution. Over the years, we have consistently raised the bar, improved ourselves, and extended our reach.

At a time when the world too often decides to settle for mediocrity, Decision Design strives to consistently deliver and delight. But don’t just take our word for it, judge for yourself.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver:

  • Not just results, but exceptional results
  • Not just good service, but indispensable service
  • Not just added value, but significant added value

Community Support

Decision Design is a proud sponsor of 3 organizations important to our communities, providing a way for us to give back to those that have been so generous to us.

Boy Scouts of America

Decision Design developed the Scout Site software product that gives local Boy Scout and Cub Scout units free web sites and hosting.

Learn more about the software and the offer at Scout Site Software.

Missy's Friends

Decision Design has provided technology support to this extraodinary foundation, keeping alive the the memory of Missy Minorini who was so dedicated to providing opportunities to underprivileged and disadvantaged teens.

Chicago Public Radio

Decision Design is a corporate sponsor of WBEZ, the local chicago public radio station. As a sponsor, WBEZ has acknowledged our support with short announcements.

Listen to the Announcement.